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You are a small business owner trying to get noticed on the Internet. You need a great looking website that can be found on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.


You already have a website, but it looks outdated, the content is stale, and it doesn’t get many views because no one can find it.


Our “Basic Complete Website” is only $699. That’s right, a complete website for $699, and we build it for you. If you want add-ons, our prices are listed.

You will never find yourself wondering what the “final cost” of your website will be. We tell you upfront what we will do and how much we charge for it. You will never be asked to pay more than the quoted price . . . guaranteed.

Keep scrolling to find out what we will do for you, what you provide for us, and any optional services you may be interested in. It’s pretty straight forward, as easy as 1-2-3!


You provide for us the followingYou Provide the Following

To get started we need a few things from you. The following is the short list of items we need to make your website look good, be informative, and get indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Dogpile. Yes, Dogpile.  After all, if you can’t get indexed, your website won’t be found.

If you aren’t sure about any of this, don’t worry, we are here to guide you through the process. After we meet and determine what you want and need in a website, we will begin collecting the following:

Provide us with your company logo


Your company logo will be prominent near the top of every page. We need your logo in one of the following formats: JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

About formatting: Only PNG and GIF provide transparent backgrounds. We prefer to work with PNG when possible.

If you have any questions about usable formats, please just call us.

If you don’t have a logo, we can help you.

Provide us with your content

Original Content

Your website needs to have well-written, original content. Since you know your business better than anyone, we rely on you to provide us with original content for your website.

Remember, it is important to include keywords in your content for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. For example, if you want to be found when someone searches for “mango chutney in Knoxville,” you need to have these words in your content numerous times.

If writing content is not your strong suit, we can do it for you (see optional services).

You will provide us with photos


Your website needs photos of your business, products, people, etc. Photos help people visualize your business and allow you an opportunity to introduce yourself before meeting face to face.

We will discuss how many photos you need after we determine what the focus of your website will be, how many pages you will have, etc.

If you need assistance in acquiring relevant photos we can help (see optional services).

Provide us with your domain name

Domain Name

You can’t have a website without a domain name. For example, our domain name is

If the name of your business is not available,  you will need to get something as close as possible.

We love coming up with good domain names, so let us help.

GoDaddy is a good place to purchase domain names. We have purchased dozens of domain names from GoDaddy over the years and have been pleased with their service and options.

Provide us with your hosting account

Hosting Account

More often than not, our clients ask, “What is a hosting account?” Simply put, websites must reside on a server (computer) connected to the Internet.

Since most people don’t want to buy an expensive server, they rent space on a commercial server from a hosting company.

These companies “host” millions of websites on their servers and provide the service rather inexpensively.

Now you know.

What we do for you

We Provide the Following

We will take the content, logo, and photos you give us and turn them into a beautiful, easy to navigate, mobile friendly WordPress website. Of course, we will do this only after sitting down with you face to face (or by phone, email, etc.) and learning everything we can about your business and the goals for your website.

WordPress Installation

Install WordPress

Knoxville WordPress will install the latest version of WordPress to your hosting account.

WordPress is the framework and engine of a great website and one of the most used platforms for websites in the world.

A theme is needed to make it look good. It’s sort of like putting a custom body on the frame of a car. We do that too. The theme. Not the car.

Avada Mobile Responsive Theme

Install Avada Theme

Knoxville WordPress will install the latest version of the Avada Mobile Responsive WordPress Theme.

Google announced recently that they are penalizing websites that are not mobile responsive by excluding them from mobile search results, which are the majority of searches! Do not be penalized because you have a website that is not mobile friendly.

After trying dozens of other themes,  we believe Avada is one of the very best.

Upload your custom header

Upload Header

Grab people’s attention with a great header. We will create a custom header and upload it to your new website.

This can be a large photo, like on our website, or some other type of graphic.

We will discuss the type of header you want and the look you want during our discovery meeting. Start thinking about it!

We will create up to five pages

Create Up to Five Pages

Knoxville WordPress will create up to five pages for your website, i.e.: Home, About, Contact, FAQ, Blog, etc., although it doesn’t necessarily have to be these.

You may need more than five pages for your site, and we are happy to create additional pages if you need them (see optional services).

Some of the page types we can create include: Testimonials, Privacy Page, and Terms of Use.

Add your content, photos, and logo

Content, Photos, Logo

Your logo will be prominent on every page of your website.

Knoxville WordPress will add the content and photos you provide to every page we create.

If you want us to write the content for you, or provide photos, we will do that for an additional charge (see optional services).

Mobile Call Button

Install Call Button

Google recently confirmed that more searches are performed on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) than desktop computers.

Knoxville WordPress makes it easy for all those mobile visitors to call you by inserting a call button in the lower right corner of your website.

Visitors on mobile devices just click the button and your phone number is automatically input into their phone.

Google Map

Install Google Maps

Knoxville WordPress will add a Google Map to your contact page so everyone will know exactly where you are located.

Don’t leave them guessing which part of town your office is in.

Email address added

Email Address

Advertise your business every time you send an email. People read email addresses.

Why advertise Gmail or Yahoo when you can have an address like:

Knoxville WordPress will set up one email address for you on your hosting account. Additional email addresses can be set up for an additional charge (see optional services).

Better yet, you can set it up yourself easily on your hosting account.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization


Have you ever visited a website and at the top of the browser it reads “Home” or “Page One?” Search engines have no idea what that page is about. Someone failed to do SEO, or search engine optimization.

Knoxville WordPress does SEO on every website we create. This makes it possible for search engines to know what your pages are about, and make it more likely to be indexed.

They LOVE it and you will too!

Site Map Diagram

Create Sitemap

A sitemap tells Google, Bing, and the other search engines where to find your pages and posts.

When you have a site map, the search engines have an easier time locating pages and posts for indexing. Knoxville WordPress makes it easy for them by installing a sitemap.

Call Us!

Let’s Talk About It

Call Us! 865-250-1959

The third step is calling Marc to ask questions and/or to set up an appointment. We will meet you at your office, at Starbucks, or somewhere else you are comfortable meeting. Do you live outside the Knoxville area? Call us anyway. We can work it out.


If you are on a smartphone, click the orange phone button in the bottom righthand corner to easily call us.

Request Information


WordPress is the website framework used by more than 75 million businesses and individuals throughout the world. Large corporations like Sony, CNN, Forbes, eBay, UPS, Best Buy, Izod and General Motors all use WordPress.

WordPress started out as blog software helping the little guy get on the Internet. It still does that, but it has grown into so much more. Whether you are a large business or the little guy who wants to be, WordPress is right for you.